Home Remedies For Skin Pigmentation: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think


In the current scenario, skin disease like skin pigmentation is quite a common problem. As such, it won’t cause any harm but it reduces the natural beauty of your skin and demotivate you.

So don’t get afraid if you have pigmented skin, a vast number of home remedies are available that may help you to get rid of skin pigmentation.

I know you have a lot of question in your mind regarding skin pigmentation like.

What is skin pigmentation? What is its root cause?

So let us enlighten you,

Skin pigmentation Meaning?

Uneven discolouration of the skin is defined as pigmentation.

Skin pigmentation is also known as hyperpigmentation is the condition where an overproduction of melanin (the pigment responsible for skin colour) occurs thus leads to the development of dark patches or spots on the skin surface.

Aging skin or excessive sun exposure,  ultraviolet (UV) light exposure, such as tanning beds, are the common causes of skin pigmentation. The areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun more, develop more age spots than the less exposed regions. Skin pigmentation is a very common condition which affects people of all skin types. Extra pigment in our skin is usually harmless but it may indicate any other medical condition.

Home remedies play a vital role in the removal of pigmentation (dark patches) dead cells and rejuvenate skin. Darker skin with patches and spots are the common symptoms of hyperpigmentation.

The root cause of skin pigmentation

Several numbers of factors are responsible for skin pigmentation. Some major one is:

  • Excessive exposure to the sun ultraviolet radiation leads to an increased melanin production  (is the main reason behind skin pigmentation) in order to protect us from the rays of skin. This causes dark spots and patches on our skin.
  • Hormonal alteration during pregnancy or menopause makes people susceptible to hyperpigmentation.
  • Skin damage due to injury, skin scars, acne marks and skin blemishes all may cause hyperpigmentation.
  • Improper removal of hairs during waxing and Hypersensitivity (allergic reaction) also promote skin pigmentation.
  • Gene are responsible for pigmentation, people having a family history of hyperpigmentation are more prone towards skin pigmentation.
  • Diseases like Addison’s disease and hemochromatosis can even cause skin pigmentation.

Risk factors for skin pigmentation

Excessive exposure to the sun radiation increases melanin secretion from melanocytes (skin cells responsible for the melanin secretion) darken the exposed surface of the skin is the primary risk factors for hyperpigmentation.

Home remedies for skin pigmentation

A large number of skin care & dermatological medications are available for the hyperpigmentation or skin pigmentation treatment, but homemade remedies are still widely applicable treatment options due to its effectiveness and minimal or no side effects.

  • Raw potato:

    The raw potato is a potent inhibitor of melanocytes, it contains an enzyme named catecholase which slows down and limits the production of melanin pigments. Thus promotes uneven skin tone & skin lightening.

  • Vitamin E:

    Vitamin E neutralizes the effect of UV radiation and helps in repairing damaged skin, thus eliminate pigmentation.

  • The mixture of almonds and milk:

    Almonds are the rich source of fatty acids and provide nourishment to skin by making it plumpy and healthy, and milk has lightening and brightening properties that removes pigments and dark spots.

  • Papaya:

    Papaya has exfoliation properties it contains an enzyme named papain a potent exfoliator and thus facilitates breakage of dark patches.

  • Red onions:

    Red onion contains Vitamin C, which has potent antioxidants that inhibit the oxidation of melanocytes and leads to the reduction of hyperpigmentation and make skin glowy.

  • Apple cider vinegar:

    Apple cider vinegar contains beta-carotene that prevents the skin from free radicals present in the environment.

  • Lemon juice and honey:

    Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C with natural bleaching property thus, lighten dark spots and honey have the moisturizing property that makes skin supple.

  • Multani mitti:

    Multani mitti rich in minerals that provide cleaning, exfoliating and nourishing property to the skin.

  • Turmeric and milk mask:

    Turmeric has excellent bleaching and anti-bacterial property along with milk it exfoliates and nourishes skin thus help in removal of dark spots and provide glow to the skin.

  • Aloe vera:

    Aloe vera contains mucilaginous polysaccharides that reduce dead skin cells and helps in the regeneration of new cells.

  • Orange peel pack:

    Orange peel pack is a rich source of citric acid, potent bleaching agents, along with honey, multani mitti, milk and lemon juice it acts as an excellent remedy for the cure of pigmentation and blemishes.

  • Sandalwood pack:

    Sandalwood pack enhances complexion and has anti-tanning and anti-ageing properties.

Along with these home remedies cleansing of the face using lukewarm water, twice a day with facewash free from paraben and sulphate exfoliate the skin, remove dust and pollution and hydrate skin. Derma essentia hydrating foaming face wash having natural base ingredients such as green tree extract, papaya extract and aloe vera juice that provides skin lightening, anti-pollution, antioxidant and hydration property to the skin.

Say goodbye to pigmentation and welcome your radiant, healthy and glowing skin by these home remedies.

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  • Avatar for Derma Essentia Diana says:

    Hi… Is there any remedy to free from pigmentation .

    • Avatar for Derma Essentia Derma Essentia says:

      Hi Diana, in this blog we already have mentioned home remedies to get rid of pigmentation.
      Apart from these remedies, Derma Essentia Vitamin C Serum is very useful in reducing skin pigmentation, if applied religiously for 2-3 months. It overall helps to give you clear, healthy & glowing skin.
      For further assistance, you can contact us @8847215039 or info@dermaessentia.com

  • Avatar for Derma Essentia Sujeet Kumar says:

    Thanks for your information, it’s a very useful to us. You have done a wonderful Job. You touched most of the points on this topic. Your writing is very simple and easy to understand. Keep Going.. Well Done !

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