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Aging skin? Put Vitamin C rich food on the menu

Aging skin? Put Vitamin C rich food on the menu

Aging is simply the process of growing old. It’s natural to grow old with time though everyone wants to conserve their youth and look young forever but we can’t run away from the fact that some or the other day we will be growing old, we can definitely delay the process of aging.

Thus to prevent premature aging it’s very important for you to add vitamin C rich food to your diet.

Here are the reasons why vitamin C should be added to your diet:

  • ANTIOXIDANTS: Vitamin C is an antioxidant which help ward off illnesses protect against cell damage keeping your skin youthful. Foods rich in antioxidants are nuts, fruits and vegetables.

  • COLLAGEN BOOSTER: Vitamin C serum stimulates collagen. When we are young we have abundance of collagen but with time its production decreases thus vitamin C increases its production.

  • TREAT PORES: Because of collagen loss our pores appears larger thus vitamin C also helps to reduce pores.

  • HELPS IN GETTING RADIANT YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN: Vitamin C lightens pigmentation and brightens our skin tone. It also gives us even skin tone thus adding vitamin C rich foods to your diet gives you vibrant and younger looking skin.

Below are

sources of vitamin c

& commonly found vitamin C rich foods which you can add to your diet are:
Citrus fruits
Bell peppers

Go healthy for a healthy skin.

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